Exeter Explorers ATV Club

Riding Free - Riding Safe

                          Exeter Explorers  also know as the Double EE

PO Box 64

Exeter, Maine

Our ATV Club is located in the Exeter, Penobscot County, Maine. We have 22 1/2 miles of the 5700+ miles of ATV trails in the State, and there is over 500 miles of trails in Penobscot County.


 President:Doug Carrow207-944-0904
 Vic-President: Wyatt Sylvester207-379-2258 
 Trail Master:Graydon Spencer207-356-4372
 Secretary:Kassandra Vincent207-884-8451
 Webmaster:David Nichols 207-570-1130 


Guide for Board of Directors 
 Three Year Term

Tom Yeaton  

 May 2014-2017
 Two Year Term

Ken Smith

 May 2014-2016
 One Year Term

Buddy Smith

 May 2014-2015



                              PRESIDENTS COMMENTS

The club would like to thank the Landowners for graciously allowing us to use their property. Many thanks goes out to our Trail Master and his crew for establishing and maintaining the trail system. Much thanks goes to Prudy and Graydon Spencer for all the work they do for the Club.

Many long ours were spent sawing timbers to build bridges, tons of rocks were moved to fill mud hole, hours of cutting brush, marking trails, replacing culverts. The hours of volunteer backbreaking service, equipment donated in order to establish our trails is commendable.

Thanks to all our members even if you were not able to get on the trails; your work behind the scene was a blessing.

We finished the summer with a drive-in picnic at our Vice-President's residence.