Exeter Explorers ATV Club

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Exeter Explorer History

The Exeter Explorers ATV Club was organized on October 28, 2008 in the Town of Exeter, Maine by a group of dedicated volunteers. We decided to hold our meeting on the third Tuesday of the month April through October at the Elementary School on the Stetson Road in Exeter, Maine. Twenty-eight Chartered members organized the Club and a team was nominated to write the by-laws. The election of Officers were as follows; President: Dave Nichols, Vice President: Wyatt Sylvester, Trail Master: Ken Smith, Secretary: Robin Yeaton, Treasurer: Lisa Nichols with Assistant Rick Thibodeau. The Board of Director elected were John Curtis, Rodney Moore, and Buddy Smith. The Trail Master diligently sort permission from landowners  to build a network of trails connenting both end of town to other trail networks. A trail allows us to cater to the General Store which has hot food, sandwiches and a warm welcome. We started our trails as soon as we could get on the ground and worked throughout most of the summer. The typical things took place, cutting trees and brush, filling holes, building bridges, replacing culverts and talking about who would be pulling who out and what machines were the best. The Club was incoorperated on June 24, 2009.   

We maintain a trail system that has a varity of riding that interests all riders. We thank our landowners for accommodating us so we can provide areas to ride within the community as well as connecting to other trail networks.  We need to make sure Landowners understand that Maine laws protect them from liability. Having said that we need to be responsible riders ourselves. We now have a trail system that connects directly to Corinth, Garland, and Corinna which connects to Dexter/Dover and Charleston Bradford and Lagrange.

We started the new year 2010 out with an Officers meeting in April with an attempt to set the tone and direction for the club. Our first meeting in May will be officer nominations followed in June with elections. The Officers presently holding office were re-elected for 2010. Our first ride was to High Cut and we had a lot of machine issues from flat tires, overheating, bad fuel to electical problems. All made it home safe.  Throughout the summer we completed some trail work by filling in mud areas, ditching and bridge reconstruction. Our intent is to start looking at developing a trail from Exeter to Stetson and eventually connecting Levant.

Ken and Bruce came up with some possible trail system expansion on the Stetson side of Exeter. This is a very ambitious plan and I thank these gentlemen for taking on this initiative. Hopefully as things develop we can team up and maybe do some ground work this fall like brush cutting etc. 

As 2011 unfolds we will be starting off the year as usual with maintenance of the trail. At our first meeting 19 April we will be discussing the support of the Exeter Bicentennial through a ATV Rodeo and assisting the walk-run event by providing trail support if needed. During the May Meeting it was voted to abandon the idea of conducting the Rodeo as we could not get enough support. Nancy Drake replaces Rick Thibodeau and Prudy Spencer becomes our mail lady.

 Trail work began in April 2012 with construction of railings on the bridge by Browns.  Ramps will be built  for the Dorman bridge. Rocks dumped in the mud pit on the Goat Trail and other trail work will be completed. This year brings us a change in the Secretaries position. Terry Sylvester replaces Robin Yeaton. All other Officers remain the same.All trails will be resigned.

Trails opened in 2014 a little late this year due to weather conditions. It was most of the season the Exeter Explorer trails were divided so we could not cross through Town. Our new Trail Master Graydon Spencer worked hard to get a connecting trail.  He tried to get route 43 to connect the trail and after a lenghty town debate it was approved and sent to state for approval. Then one of the selectmen called the state to get the request denied they followed through to send out a rep to look at what was requested and then denied acces. Many other trails cover much more road access then what we request and more dangerous.  Graydon found an alternate route which took us off the road which was better but much more expensive and labor intensive.  It still need improvement but works. The trail takes us from the Aktins Road to the Champion Road to the Airport Road and back to the Exeter Store. We built a Park an Ride to include a picnic area on Graydon and Prudy Spencers property. A By-Laws committee review and resvised the By-Laws as needed with the approval of the membership. We lost one of our members due to cancer. He made a good fight right to the end. Doug Poor was all about others. He was the Son, Father, Husband, Brother, or Friend that anyone could ever ask for.