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Urgent News Flash #1

Members of the Exeter Explorers,

 1. Brian Bronson from the Department of Conservation talked about numerous complaints of speeding. Going way to fast for conditions”

NOTE: If this continues they may have to post speed limit signs especially in dangerous areas.

CAUTION:  It may be coming to all trail systems.  I feel we are our own destiny. If we as ATV’er can not look after our own then it might cost us more in fees to hire law enforcement people to do it.

If you as a member of the Exeter Explorers and witness to inappropriate action like excessive speeding or anything that would endanger another rider or person on the trail system, you should notify the Trail Master and or myself and we will notify the authorities.  We must collectively crack down on violators or we may lose some trails or other ATV'ing privileges.  HELP PROTECT US!!!

 Doug Carrow

President Exeter Explorers