Exeter Explorers ATV Club

Riding Free - Riding Safe

Exeter Explorers Trail Map

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The Exeter Explorers ATV Club maintains over 17.8 miles of ATV trails. All these trails  travel across  private property. Permission from the landowners granted us the privilege to ride through their property. It is not our right to ride there without permission. The landowners gave us permission to ride on their property, which can be taken away at any time. We must ride responsibly and stay on marked trails without tearing up the land or venturing off where we don't belong.

There are some that believe they can ride anywhere, anytime and do anything they desire without fear of repercussions. If you are out riding and see someone not on a marked trail or destroying a land owners property; take a moment to politely relay the message above. If they do not want to listen and continue to act irresponsibly, get their plate numbers and report them to the authorities.

We must do this to ensure the future use of our ATV trails and continue gaining the trust of the land owners. If we lose the land owners  trust, we would lose an existing trail, and it would certainly destroy any and all hopes of expanding our trail systems.   TREAD LIGHTLY AND LEAVE NO TRACE.

Proposed Trail see (MAP)